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Our children are important to us!  We want to do our very best to help your children learn more about Christ and His love for them. Our desire is to help children understand the Bible and to apply it to their life. We believe that God’s Word has the power to change hearts, thus changing attitudes and actions. We want to build into your child’s life an understanding of their need for Christ as Savior. Our desire is that your child will grow to know Him more and love Him more, and as a result, will want to serve Him the rest of their lives. To this, Pine City Evangelical Free Church commits to teaching the Word of God in a safe, loving environment.

Sunday Mornings for Children  (9:15-10:15 a.m.)

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Wee JAM (Preschool)

Location: Room 13

Time: 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Wee JAM is structured for preschoolers to worship, learn, explore, play and grow in their knowledge of our loving heavenly Father. Our preschoolers will learn simple biblical truths which will be drawn from the Bible story from that day. (We not only want our children to learn stories from the Bible but it is important to teach them the concepts and principles that God would have them learn and apply to their life from that story). Our desire is to lay the foundational groundwork for each child to understand simple biblical truths and to instill within, God’s love for them. We want them to understand and apply God’s Word to their lives in these early years of spiritual development… giving them a solid start. From their earliest days, we want your child to know about the joy of learning about Jesus.


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Wednesdays Evenings for Children  (6:00-7:30 p.m.)


Pine City Evangelical Free Church offer Awana for our children ages 3 years old through 6th grade.  What is Awana?

AWANA  is an international Bible-centered children’s ministry that brings churches and parents together to raise kids to know, love, and serve Christ for life.  Each club meeting includes a time for a Bible lesson, scripture memory and games, along with fun monthly themes to encourage team spirit and participation of clubbers.

AWANA is divided into the following clubs:

Cubbies  (Preschool)

Cubbies is fun with a purpose – to reach and train kids for Jesus Christ. Games, puppets, crafts, awards and other activities transform our preschool program into a lively weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand.

The Cubbies curriculum features two handbooks written in a fun, storybook style that appeals to preschoolers. The handbooks contain 24 Bear Hug sections along with six optional special-day sections. Each section combines basic Scripture memory with parent-child activities to help a child grasp a simple biblical truth. Two extra-credit handbooks containing additional memory verses and character-building activities are also available.

Before starting a handbook, newcomers to Cubbies are taken through an introductory brochure that gives parents and children a brief overview of the program and presents God’s plan of salvation at a preschooler’s level.